Two points: The first regarding your assertion that the behavior of corporations and business is predictable (they all want to increase profits) and what is predictable can be harnessed and managed.

This is in fact true... if said corporations and business's are in fact managed. Unfortunately, from my perspective, the current administration seems bent on dismantling all of the legal, regulatory, fiscal, and environmental controls by which they're managed.

Which leaves us with all of the excesses and issue that arise when your sole concern is the next quarter's bottom line.

And which also leads me to the fallacy inherent in your assertion that we should "trust the system".

That was my perspective when Trump initially took office. The "system" should block most of his excesses.

Unfortunately, those "systems" are agencies, mostly run from the top by political appointees who once more seem to be dismantling the watchdog groups and controls whose primary function lies in making sure the system is working as intended.

The system can't control someone when those controls are blocked, when investigations are blocked, and when the penalty for speaking out against those things results in termination.

Indeed, when one of your major concerns is installing a head of the DOJ whose primary goal isn't "justice" but shielding the president from any and all of the ramifications of his actions, both past and present...

Then, I'm afraid, my "trust in the system" is somewhat lacking. It has inertia, true, but subject it to enough sustained force and it will change direction.

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